Southeastern Aerial Imaging, LLC (SAI), is owned and operated by Matthew H. Thompson. Recognizing the need for professional drone services in southeastern North Carolina, Matt formed SAI to provide the region with aerial imaging services using the latest in commercial drone technology and software systems. Matt is a certified commercial small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) pilot as required by the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 regulations and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. In addition to his sUAS pilot credentials, Matt is also a certified Level 1 Thermographer by the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT), and aerial data analyst in the agronomy, construction, and oil/gas industries.

SAI offers aerial solutions to clients in commercial/residential real estate and property management, thermal roof and structure inspections, aerial land surveying and mapping, construction site mapping and monitoring, emergency management agency support, telecommunication structure inspections, agriculture mapping and monitoring, and entertainment/news media support.

If you or your business requires aerial data, Southeastern Aerial Imaging, LLC can provide the data you need for your project requirements. Use the contact information below to schedule an on-site visit to discuss what services we offer. For more information about Southeastern Aerial Imaging, LLC, please visit our website using the address below.

Point of Contact: Matthew H. Thompson



Phone: 910-734-9338