Transformation Therapy Services is dedicated to bringing ABA services to
Robeson County along with speech therapy. Our clientele will be children
(age range 2-21) with an ASD diagnosis and developmental disabilities. Our
goal is to provide affordable services to those in need and help bring
resources to the area to families with an ASD diagnosis.
Our mission is to provide intensive, research-based therapy that improves
our client’s quality of life. As a team, we will work together to meet each
client’s needs to the best of our ability. Transformation Therapy Services,
LLC strives to cater to those with autism spectrum disorder and other
developmental disabilities in the surrounding areas. We are passionate about
helping our clients achieve their maximum potential in various environments
and create a long-lasting change in their lives. We are located at 705-A
Wesley Pines Road in Lumberton NC and can be reached at 910-370-0721.